Why bend over to frame your poles?

Outdoors for Life has worked with a group of linemen to come up with a framing stand that will work for you.

Our pole framing stand is made from 100% aluminum, which means you’ll have NO RUST, NO MATERIAL WEAKNESS, and A LIGHTWEIGHT STAND.

The Outdoors for Life pole framing stand is designed around the proper work heights needed while drilling and framing poles. Why have your workers bending over creating a chance of back injuries?

Help protect your linemen and meet OSHA’s 1910.269(p)(iii) requirements:

The operator of an electric line truck may not leave his or her position at the controls while a load is suspended,unless the employer can demonstrate that no employee (including the operator) might be endangered.

Our pole framing stand allows the operator to leave the controls because the pole is resting securely in the stand.

As linemen, we at Outdoors for Life use our field experience while designing and producing every product we offer. We offer solutions, not just another product.

Don’t take chances with homemade holders created with equipment designed for other purposes. Instead, protect your crews, company, and public from unnecessary accidents.

Key Features

  • 100% aluminum construction – will never rust – rust creates failures
  • Aluminum is not cast, the material will not break
  • Each stand is engraved with your company name and phone number for free
  • Designed at the perfect height for framing, minimizes bending over and back injuries
  • Designed in be used on un-level surfaces
  • Designed to not sink into the soft ground more than a couple of inches, which provides easier removal and reduces the risk of back injuries
  • No locking pins – no chances that any employee is going to forget to lock the stand and collapse when side pressures are applied

Customer Reviews

I’ve used your framing stand at the last contractor I worked for, and it's definitely the best I’ve used. I want to order two for now until I convince the other foreman how much better it is.

– Wesley M.

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