Starting at $192.00

Starting at $192.00

OFL pole guards reduce operational costs by protecting poles from abrasive damage due to incidental contact from semi-tractor trailers, animals or other high exposure abrasive situations.

Pole guards are a great solution for alleyways, parking lots, corner locations and anywhere else traffic can come in contact with poles.

Pole guards are predrilled and sized for field installation, but can be cut and fit in the field when required.


  • Material: 100% UHMW plastic
    • Extreme high wear/abrasion resistance
    • High puncture resistance
    • Elongates under stress, does not fracture or crack
    • Flexible to easily wrap any size pole
    • Pre-drilled and fastens to the pole with standard utility U-Mold lags
    • Can be field drilled as needed with common drill bits — no special tools needed
  • Colors:
    • Black – for UV protection
    • Yellow – for increased visibility in high-traffic locations
  • Sizes:
    • Comes in 48″ x 60″ x 1/4″ sheets
    • Available individually or in 2-sheet kit
    • Each sheet will cover an 11″ diameter pole


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