Outdoors for Life now offers the safest way to attach your warning flags to wooden utility poles for traveling on the roadway — our premier warning flag holders.

Outdoors for Life warning flag holders are made from aluminum and allow flags to be removed or changed quickly in the field. They are designed to provide easy penetration into the pole to allow quick and secure mounting, with no chains or binders that might break or come loose during travel.

Don’t take chances with homemade warning flag holders created with equipment designed for other purposes. Instead, protect your crews, company, and public from unnecessary accidents. Where your team’s safety is concerned, using the proper tool for the proper job only makes sense. Trust our flag holders for the performance you demand!

Key Features

  • Secure for roadway travels
  • Quick and secure mounting
  • Allows you to secure a flag anywhere on a wood pole
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Weighted to assist with screw inserting into pole – just like the old porcelain house knobs
  • High-visibility safety orange. Prevents employee injuries by running into the holder
  • Flag is easy to re-install when broken or replaced – no more tape

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