Thank you for the pads. I already used them the first day! I got them for our trencher, outriggers. No big holes in the brand new sod! Love them! Also more people should use them when they unload their tilt-bed trailers on homeowner's' asphalt driveways! Doesn’t leave a groove in the driveway. I got rid of my homemade plywood ones that are all wet and warped. Plus these have a cable on them, so you don’t have to dig under them to get them up. Thanks again.

– Neil
N & B Trenching

My second day on this job (all fresh sod) and while using my backhoe, my rear wheels where moving the sod and almost digging holes, so I lifted my rear end up and put two pads underneath! The homeowner was watching from his window and said, "what a great idea!" He thanked me for not wrecking his new front yard. A lot lighter than my old pieces of plywood and, by the way, they sure stand out in the snow!

– Neil S.

I’ve used your framing stand at the last contractor I worked for, and it's definitely the best I’ve used. I want to order two for now until I convince the other foreman how much better it is.

– Wesley M.

We have been using outrigger pads, and pole puller pads from Outdoors For Life for about 5 years and they are great. They are lighter and more durable than the wooden and the aluminum pads that we had been using and allow for some flexibility. The pole puller pads fit the pole well and cover enough surface area to prevent everything from sinking in the mud. They are great products made by some really friendly and easy to work with people. I would highly recommend trying them out.

– Don Englet
Line Superintendent
Firelands Electric Cooperative, Inc.

OG&E starting using OFL outrigger pads in 2010 after seeing their products at an equipment show. The first thing that caught my eye was their ability to put contact information permanently engraved in to the outrigger pad itself, secondly was the bright yellow color. We have used oak planks and I don’t how many times I heard lineman ask for new pads because they lost one. Having OFL Pads have paid off, we have the Fleet number on the pad and we received calls from ODOT or some land owner stating they found our pad and wanted to give it back. Secondly, once we initially contacted OFL for pricing and availability the team there was very helpful, they were willing to do more than their standard sizes and work with us on whatever we needed. We order the pads direct and they are also a part of spec from the equipment manufactures and we have never had a problem. Also, the quality of the pad is exceptional, the handle is attached were even a lineman cannot tear it off, and because of the rough surface of the pads they can be stacked and they will not slip. We have demoed several different type of outrigger pads over the years and I am glad we are using OFL now.

– UsHerb Kramer
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Fleet Services

We purchased 5 pads from Outdoors for Life a few years ago to use with our camping trailer – to be placed under the support/leveling jacks. I have found the pads to be extremely durable, easily cleanable, as well as attractive. The materials seem to be impervious to weather and the cable handles make them easy to set and move around. The etching on the face of the pads make them unique and personal. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product with life-long value.

– Paul D.

In most of the RV resorts we visit they require jack pads. After dealing with inexpensive pads breaking and not lasting one year I searched for pads that would stand the weight of my motor home. After using Outdoors For Life RV Jack Pads on different surfaces and I found them to be very durable. I also love the fact you can have you name and phone number engraved in the pad. Great product.

– Robert & Kathy Dearman

We have ordered from Outdoors for Life in the past but when ordering our last digger truck we forgot to specify the OFL outrigger pads. After having my linemen use the safety yellow OFL pads and seeing the 'standard' black pads that came on our new truck I thought, 'Why would anyone not get the safety yellow pads. They make the work site safer by highlighting the possible trip hazard, and at night they are easier to see – that means they will get picked-up as well.' The OFL pad with our name engraved, wire rope handle and textured surface is the safest option for my linemen.

– Gary V.
District Operations Supervisor – Marion
Mid-Ohio Energy

Thank you for an awesome product and we look forward to using them for many years to come. The quality is much better than I would have expected for such a tool and the personalization is a welcome bonus. Thank you for all your help. We will let you know if we have any other needs in the future.

– Prism Electric

Excellent craftsmanship and customer service, very fairly priced. shipped quickly, I received the RV jack pads (in their canvas bag) much sooner than expected; complete with very clear engraving. Well done OFL!

– James Smallwood

Just wanted to let you know I got my pads last evening around 5pm. UPS called in advance and let me know that it would come between 2 and 5pm, on a truck with a lift gate, and that the driver was only obligated to unload in the street, but if the driver felt it was not to much trouble could put in the drive way. Driver was fun and courteous and put right where I could easily get to it, in my driveway. I am so impressed that it went out on Monday and was at my home by Friday! The blocks are beautiful, and I am very anxious to try them out next week. Thank you again, for your prompt & thorough service! Who knew outrigger blocks could be sexy?

– Cindy Beckwith